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My eyes would get tired, focusing on very, very small things.

Their app also indicates to passengers that their drivers are deaf.

And as a chauffeur, one of the most conversational of professions, apart from using sign language to communicate with customers who can understand him, Grinman is isolated from most of his clients. When he initially began driving with Uber and Lyft, he used a speaker with a computer’s voice to introduce him to his passengers and tell them that he was deaf.

Now Grinman engages with customers using a Boogie Board — a pocket-sized, Etch-A-Sketch-like electronic pad that allows users to quickly write and erase messages on its screen at the push of a button.

To do this, he scribbles their name on the Boogie Board. There’s no radio or conversational chit-chat, just the hum and chortle of his SUV.

If Grinman cannot locate his customer because of some logistical mistake — an incorrectly entered or confusing address, for example — instead of having to call his customer, he can text. S., technology was crazy — it was so advanced.” Today, his life is immersed in a culture of gadgets, gizmos and apps. As Grinman crosses the Williamsburg Bridge into Manhattan, the city begins to sing its siren song of seduction.

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His days as a dental technician are in the rearview — he’s his own boss now.

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