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If you like to activate your account please contact the Loves Flirt support team", "error_email_empty": "Please enter your email address.Make sure it is an active email address that you check regularly!Likewise, it is also important to focus on the types of words both of you use.If you're using the same function words, it is more likely that you will come and stay together.", "error_birth_date_required": "Birthdate is required! ", "error_birth_date_invalid": "Please enter a valid date of birth.You must be at least 18 years old.", "error_birth_day_required": "Birth day is required!If you are not doing that, you are losing out lot many prospective partners.Go out and participate in different types of activities you like because you will find people who are also interested in that activity.

If you simply stick to one place, the likelihood of meeting same type of people increases.If you fail, try again, if you again fail, try again, until you become successful in finding out the right person.var login Language Array = { "language": { "error_email_required": "Please enter your email address.", "error_email_invalid": "Your email address is invalid.People have met while standing in the grocery line, some people have met in the marathon, some others met in the parking lot, and some others have found their partners while volunteering in different fields.So, you can add one hand and enjoy different types of activities you like and at the same time you can also find out the best partner.

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First impressions matter When you are going for dating, first impressions are very important.