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Much of the terminology in the pickup / seduction world comes from sales terminology as well (though I should that terminology was already in place when I discovered pickup).And I do toss in sales anecdotes and sales analogies pretty often.Let’s give you some tools to better compare the two.Along the way, if you’re familiar with sales you might find a few extra tools you can apply in your courtships that perhaps you haven’t applied already.I didn’t feel like having a Bridget Jones’s moment. Those two alone would have made me more emotionally connected.She could have used any similar situation to anchor in the pain or discomfort of single life. It could have stretched the gap between where I am now and where I want to be, making me more motivated to take action on the call. For example, she could have learned that I’m an entrepreneur. With that knowledge she could have made a connection between my Identifier as an entrepreneur and matchmaking. You want to create positive results for your clients. But you’ve been frustrated because people aren’t signing up as much as you’d like. As I was reading the start of it, I got to thinking...

Why haven't you tapped into this part of your sales funnel? Don't just spout some information about your product and expect to make the sale.

Learn about the art of asking for referrals in this episode of NSG. Learn how to use emotions and facts in your sales process in this episode of NSGToday's Stripped Down episode: Creating Familiarity! We're taking each technique from Episode 6: Matt's Top 5 Sales Techniques and breaking them up into mini episodes and going a little more in depth to make each technique easy to find and review in the future.

Why should a prospect choose you over a competitor? Finding common ground cements a bond and finding that common ground with prospects takes you from being part of the "Them" group to being part of the "Us" group. Today's episode: Mirroring We're doing something different this week!

What should have been an emotional and vulnerable conversation felt more like filling out a form at the DMV. If you are playing a numbers game — using the same script on the masses — then, statistically, that script will work at times. A framework is a “choose your own adventure” style of conversation.

Any single person could be driven to take action to fix their singledom if given the opportunity to share any vulnerable aspect of single life – going to bed alone, not having someone to lighten the load like picking up something from the store, or feeling like you don’t have someone to support you. On the other hand, if you aren’t approaching your sales with the old school cold calling frenzy, then you must create connection. You know the milestones you need to pass along the way, but the path you use to get there is a collaboration between you and the prospect.

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They either have no training or they’ve been given misleading advice (even if it’s well-intentioned advice). From there, it went to a page to book a call with one of their matchmakers. She had the qualities you’d want in a phone call sales associate. I politely listened, desperately trying to turn off my coach/consultant brain. Influence is about finding alignment between your prospect’s triggers and your goals.