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He loved playing with them: real ones, made-up ones (Na-nu, Na-nu), hyphenated non-words, strings of disjointed words. Williams relied on the zany portrayal rather than the punchline.

We Jews are nothing if not in deep emotional love with language.

The manic, unbridled little boy who was bullied as a chubby child, the wacky naïf, the hilarious stand-up, the serious actor, the risk taker – like Andy Kaufman without the outward anger – whose hero was another original, Jonathan Winters, saw doughnut holes instead of the doughnut and climbed through, unabashed. It was fitting that in 1992, Johnny Carson chose Robin Williams and Bette Midler as his final guests. He himself, seemed to delight in describing himself as an “honorary Jew.” Yes, he used Yiddish words, and did Yiddish shtick, including transforming into an elderly Jewish lady or a New York Rabbi.

As early as Mork & Mindy, he futzed with Yiddishkeit, saying to Mindy (Pam Dawber), "He stole your necklace, he stole your ribs; he’s obviously not kosher" He also played Jewish roles like a virtuoso which included, for example: 1999’s Jakob the Liar, Tommy Wilhelm, in the film adaptation of Saul Bellow’s Seize the Day (1986), the hilariously restrained Armand Goldman in 1996's The Birdcage and an hysterical scene in Mrs.

In 1997 Williams was named funniest man alive by Entertainment Weekly.In times of sadness, humor, anger or angry humor, we “express!” Our subjects are everything and the world is our anecdote.Three men were unofficially wounded, the fire department responded, which we believe to be unofficial at this present moment...Whether Robin was growling from some deep source inside his soul, shouting like a kidnapped man who’d just had the mouth tape removed, fast and manic with the ability to imitate and mimic all manner of men, women, children, animals, real or imagined, he loved words.

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