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Faced with the threat of illegal arms, Bobo Del Rey, and the resurrection of Bulshar, Nicole finds love and family.

Even though the werewolves of the Cult of Bulshar were slaughtered when she was five years old, Nicole Haught has led a life hunted and feared since that night just on the suspicion that she is related to them.In a world where a mistake could cost her life and trust was as rare as the feeling of safety, Nicole Haught has to navigate her way through her sudden feelings and the complications that came with them all the while considering whether Waverly Earp was hiding something from her too.When searching for answers on Bulshar, Waverly manages to contact Dolls' ex fiance Langston Reed for help.She was was on a first name basis with everyone she passed during her runs. And anyway, it's not really losing if i get to spend time with you and make you smile" i told her, sincerely.That was until about 5 weeks ago when she noticed a new face jogging past her in the opposite direction, bright red hair and a Purgatory Police Department t-shirt on. It was a bet yes, but i really wanted to know her."Such a charmer" she smiled, taking her lips in her teeth. "I swear you're gonna live the best days of your life.""I have to admit, your cocky behavior is appealing sometimes." What happened when Nicole Haught and Carmilla Karnstein, best friends since childhood, found Waverly Earp and Laura Hollis on their road...

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