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They are the only original characters from the first season to get married.

In Family Politics, Spinner and Jimmy tease Emma and Manny since they are new in the school.

The two look back at The Dot in flames, and Emma puts a reassuring hand on his arm.

Later, when Spinner and the owner of The Dot are surveying the damage, Emma makes the comment, "Guess we'll be looking for new jobs..".

After realizing they did, in fact, love each other, Spinner and Emma decided to stay married.The owner asks Spinner who Emma is, and he says she is no one, covering for Emma.She asks Spinner if she can do anything to help, and he replies to go back in time and not burn down The Dot or get Jane not to cheat on him with Declan.Manny and Jay leave Spinner and Emma alone, as they go off and do their own thing.Emma is skillful at cards after a lot of practice from playing in her dorms.

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In Rumors and Reputations, Spinner is one of the many students that Emma confronts to determine who started a false rumor of sexual relations between Liberty Van Zandt and Mr. In Jagged Little Pill, Spinner and Emma attend Ashley's party, although not together.