Who is jasmine v dating 2016

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Age: 23 (12/7/1993)Occupation: Music - Singer I really can't have anything with Karrine Steffans...

The popular saying goes like this — first comes love, then comes marriage, then comes baby in the baby carriage.

After the posted the pic, fans automatically assumed that they were dating and continued to go with that story as they were basically inseparable for months to come.

Unforutnately, it seems that these former besties had a bit of a falling out, as they haven't been seen hangin' together for weeks.

On May 6, Jasmine's cousin, Catherine Vales posted a picture with Ronnie.On June 8, 2015, Jasmine released a Spanish single titled "Renegades". She has 3 brothers, Robert Villegas, Jream Andrew Sablan (Aka Jdrew, Jream Andrew), and Justin Villegas. Her grandmother, Sofia Vales, was the one who got her started into modeling at the young age of 6. Jasmine Villegas is currently engaged to Ronnie Banks. I know some girl in Nigeria, met her during my show there and she has this Nigerian name... I love you with all the life in me." Jasmine was in labour for a very long time and eventually had to get a C-section.Ronnie made a Youtube video telling everything that happened during the birth.

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“We’ve always wanted to work together and when we got the chance we jumped on the opportunity!